Why Choose Us?

 Why Not?

We have a big office with lots of pictures in the window 

We have a website with lots of colourful photos  

Anyway, all real estate agents are the same right?              WRONG!   


  When considering Anaakot Group please remember:

We have multiple decades of combined experience in property, over 20 years of them focused in Pattaya.

We have professional backgrounds in development, of both housing villages & condo developments, again right here in Pattaya.

We have personally been involved at every level of the real estate business - property investments, planning, property construction & decoration, property sales and rentals.

We have a good reputation for being professional, hard-working, honest and reliable.  


When choosing an agent to assist you to buy property in Pattaya, or even when selling your property, it is important to select an agent that you feel comfortable with. Choose somebody who is knowledgeable of both the area and the property buying & selling process. We hope you will choose Anaakot Group to be your property consultant – we understand that although property is an everyday thing to us, it is not to you!

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