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We thought carefully how to write the text for this website, to tell you how good we are, but there is no substitute for real recommendations from real customers.

So here are some client testimonials:

" I have known Jason for the best part of 10 years and have found him to be one of the most professional, hard working and honest people I have had the pleasure to meet in Thailand. He has oustanding knowledge of the real estate market in Pattaya and I would trust his judgement at all times in buying property again in the future. I am very happy to recommend Anaakot Group "  -  Richard Gill
" I have known and used Jason for several years in renovating, renting and selling my property. I recommend him and his company as being professional and honest. I always consult Jason when considering new investments "  -  Sean Knight
" บริษัทอนาคตกรุ๊ปเป็นอีกหนึ่งบริษัทที่รับจัดหาบ้านให้คนเช่า-ซื้อ เป็นบริษัทที่ดี ให้เกียรติและเป็นกันเองต่อลูกค้า "

" I bought a rental investment property through Jason a few years back and it has been well maintained and constantly rented out for me ever since. Living in England it is important  to know that my property is in capable and professional hands. I have also invested in off-plan property through Jason and was so happy with the knowledge and integrity that he showed that I will use only him in all my future property purchases in Thailand "  -  Kelvin Bell 

" At this time of writing I have been a client of Jason's for well over 3 years, and so I know the consistent high level of service that will be provided from Anaakot Group with Jason's management. I have also been very impressed with his local knowledge and sound advice on any property related issues. I can happily recommend Jason and Anaakot Group as highly professional, friendly, reliable and trustworthy. I strongly advise anybody who is looking to invest in property in Thailand not to do so until they have first had a consultation with Jason at Anaakot Group "  -  Steve Smith, PixInc Thailand 

"Хотим выразить благодарность Anaаkot Group за ответственный подход к сделке. Мы стали счастливыми обладателями квартиры в Паттайе. Работа была выполнена быстро, были предложены только подходящие под наш бюджет и требования варианты квартир. Помимо основной работы, была оказана помощь в остальных вопросах, таких как оформление счета в банке, перевод денег с наименьшей потерей из России, а также все дополнительные справки, в которых мы нуждались. А так же спасибо за вкусный кофе в офисе."  -  Станислав и Вероника Ткаченко. 

"We would like to thank Anaakot Group for a responsible approach to a property deal that we had through their company. We are now the proud owners of an apartment in Pattaya. The work was done quickly, and we were proposed only options that were suitable for our budget and requirements. In addition to the basic property sourcing & viewings, they also assisted us in other areas such as the registration of a bank account, efficient money transfers, and more. Oh, and also thank you for the delicious coffee in the office! "  -  Stanislav and Veronica Tkachenko.



中介费用方面,是免费的!因为房主会给他们中介费。JASON是个英国人,所以英语交流没有障碍。租完房后还请他吃了顿饭,以后可以经常联系。下面就是我们租的房子(只有上面的一层啊,不是全部),每月11000人民币,租这套房子是因为距离我们工作地更近,环境也比较好,小区后面是高尔夫球场。前面还看中一套7000人民币的house,两层房子,比这个还大,就是每天来回要多开40分钟,没选。 -  黄海涛

We are a small group of Chinese company personnel newly stationed in Thailand. Usually it is a lot of traveling and headache upon first arriving to settle everything needed, including of course a very important thing is to rent an apartment. We found Jason of Anaakot Group, who introduced us to 4 different options and then we were fully sorted out in less than a week. First we viewed a 7000 yuan house, two houses actually, bigger than this, but didnt choose as the travel time would be 40 minutes!  This is the property that we rented (top floor apartment), 11,000 yuan per month. We chose to rent this house because of the close distance to our work, the environment is relatively good, the village is behind the golf course.  

They are very professional and have a lot of knowledge and property listings to rent or buy. By the way, to buy a house for foreigners has restricted conditions, and Jason can explain all of this. Jason was very friendly, firstly fully understanding our needs, price level, and then pointing us in the right direction. The service was very convenient and efficient for us. Consultation costs for free! In Thailand the owners pay the property agency the commission fee. Jason is an Englishman, so there are no obstacles to communicate in English. We were so happy with Anaakot Group that we invited them for a meal after - great seafood by the sea!  -  Huang Haitao & Colleagues 

I recently purchased a property in Pattaya and I was very happy I chose the Anaakot Group to help me. As a foreigner I didn’t know anything about the Thai property market. Jason, Ivan and their team made me feel comfortable with the process and assisted me in every step – from selection, to negotiation and completion of the purchase. Today I’m a happy owner of wonderful condo in Pattaya! "  –  Kurt from USA

Воспользовался услугами компании Anaakot group - остался очень доволен!
В особенности, хочу выразить свою благодарность Ивану, он грамотно и
доходчиво объяснил всё, что меня интересовало и до сих пор консультирует
в любых интересующих меня вопросах!  Огромное спасибо! - Евгений Югай

I have recently used the services of Anaakot Group and can say that I am very happy that I did so. I especially want to say many thanks to the Russian consultant Mr. Ivan who explained everything very clearly and made it simple for me to understand. In fact I am still consulting with Ivan on any further issues and questions - really so pleased! - Evgeny Yugai


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